Hardcore Kick Configurator by Tha Playah


Brand-new Hardcore Kick Configurator for Native Instruments Kontakt Full edition.
Developed and coded by Tha Playah and Lussive Audio, for Hardcore Producers around the globe.

Including 25 of the most sickest kicks and over 100 twisted layers to upset the established order.
Create kickdrum chaos, that will put a smile on that face!

You can also load your own samples and use the instrument to speed up your workflow.

This Instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 (version 1.0) or 6.3.2 (version 1.5) or newer to work. The free Kontakt Player will enforce a 15-minute DEMO time-out as this instrument is not officially licensed through Native Instruments. The instrument is in fact a library based on pre-defined samples. You can load your own samples if you have those. The Kick Configurator instrument doesn’t have trial period or demo version. If you want to hear some of the sounds and quality, you can check the audio demo’s and videos.

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System Requirements
This Kontakt Instrument requires Kontakt Full Edition 5.6 or newer for version 1.0.
The updated v1.5 version, with Drag & Drop sample import support, requires at least Kontakt Full Edition 6.3.2.
Works in any DAW and OS that supports Native Instruments Kontakt

Note: All kick layers have been created, processed and shaped by Tha Playah.
The software coding has taken many months. We hope you respect the effort put into this and not share your purchase on warez sites and with colleague producers. 

Sound Demo

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Feature Highlights

Sick Mode

The Sick Mode enables additional processing on the Attack layer. Use the Sick Mode to create sick, sicker or sickest resonating attack sounds. Click the Duck to enable the Sick Mode.

Twisted Mode

The Twisted Mode enables additional processing on the Tail layer. Use the Twisted Mode to distort your tails beyond what’s possible. Click the dynamite to enable the Twisted Mode

Roll The Dice

A unique and innovative feature is the “Roll The Dice” feature.
Click the dice to randomly select the layers.

Bass Kick Mode

Sometimes the sound needs some clean sub bass.
Click the shoe to enable the Bass Kick mode.

Why So Serious Mode

Click Tha Playah’s mouth to enable the Why So Serious Mode.
Limits are exceeded in the WSO mode. Make sure you are ready.

Introduction Video

Feature Teaser