Audio Mixing & Mastering

Audio Mixing & Mastering of your track by Tha Playah.

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Send maximum of 20 audio stems and you will receive a professional audio mix and 16 bit professional audio mastering by Tha Playah

The whole track needs to be delivered in separate exports. So for instance, the kicks, basses, leads, vocals and drums need to be recorded / exported separately in the complete track length. As a result I’ll have the full track in 16-bit 24-bit waveform files. The more exports you make, the better the result can be.

Price is per track and with 2 revisions if needed.

The audio master can be delivered in 2 loudness versions. It’s up to you to decide how loud you want your master. I can provide both very loud (high RMS) and dynamic masters.

After the payment you will be contacted by e-mail for for further instructions.